यूं क्यों तुम हताश हो? यह जो तुम्हारी नसो में थोड़ी सी जान बची है,जो तुम्हारी रूह को ज़िंदा रखती है,उसके वास्ते एक दिन और काटलो। खुदमे झांको,तुम अपना हुस्न-ऐ-मन निहारो।क्या मालूम खुदसे इतनी मुहोब्बत होजाए,की तुम्हारी हर दुआ मुकम्मल होजये। तुम्हारी होठों की मुस्कुराहट से,उदसियो का जज़ीरा डूब जाए।थोड़ा और जीलो।। क्यों आंखे भर […]

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Orange or Grey

I’ve seen clouds changing colors in your eyes. I’ve seen the dawn shining from our half drunk vodka glasses, I’ve seen the way you own your pride,hold it in your arms sky high, And I’ve seen your tears cascading between those little white lies. I’ve been strong enough to nail back the pieces you had […]

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I write, about you

I write. write about the first tear that comes out, when you wake up alone, in the winter mornings desiring for the warmth you miss. the silence that is around, when you come home, alone, and just spirits watch you from a distance. your favorite coffee that wakes you up from a reality slumber the […]

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One day

For how long will my roses Continue to draw breaths from you? I know, One day they’ll have to come back to me. They’ll no longer be red. But they’ll bear your scent , the one which would still have the power, the audacity to get me on my knees. Their blush will remain yours, […]

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No, I don’t wanna know about your ex(s) Don’t wanna know your opinions on other sexes . I don’t wanna know what you ranked in class Ten , Just tell me how you felt when you held your favorite Pen.I don’t wanna know how decietful your lies are, Don’t wanna know what’s your girlfriend’s ideal […]

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The Woods

I wasn’t made for the City lights. Nor for these contemporary air that blew, Across these noisy streets with faces on the screens . I have my body here Isolated within all these chaos Being around people inside their hoods. But the voice inside made me believe, my soul belonged to the woods. My feet […]

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Fortune of Icarus

I have wings. I can fly. But they feel heavy, Keeping me grounded to the grounds of melancholy. I still lift up. Try to sway, go astray. The far I’m from the floor, the more that I stay afloat, I feel the pull from the magnets of miseries. I struggle but I like it. I […]

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